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Veterinary Physiotherapy can aid all dogs, whether working, sporting or companion animals. Targeting a variety of issues: joint disease, such as osteoarthritis, muscular asymmetries due for examples to always working one way (such as always turning to the right), or muscular pain which may prevent your dogs from doing their best. 


At Stafford Veterinary Physiotherapy, I aim to help mobility issues in all dogs, whether they have been struggling to get up after sleeping, do not want to go on their walks, or issues they have had in result of a surgery. In some cases, veterinary physiotherapy can be recommended by the vet as an alternative to surgery for cases we can conservatively manage such as mild hip dysplasia and low-grade patella luxation. 


I also focus on weight management in our animals, the more weight on the joints, the more pain and arthritic changes to the joints. By reducing the weight of your dog by 6-9% it can reduce pain levels as much as a full dose of medication!

Osteoarthritis affects 1 in 5 adult dogs and the rates have increased by 66% in the last 10 years in dogs!

In our canine physiotherapy sessions, I will start off talking with you about your dogs' case history and the diagnosis that the vet has given to you, and then I will assess your dog standing still and walking. 

I will get you to walk your dog on a flat surface so I can see how they are moving.

I will then come up with a unique treatment plan for your cat and discuss this with you to make sure you are happy with my decisions.  

I will work closely with your vets and other paraprofessionals, ensuring the best outcome for your dog. 

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