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As physiotherapy has become popular in the UK, it  mainly focussed on dogs. Stafford Veterinary Physiotherapy wants to change the thought that physiotherapy is only for dogs and horses, therefore providing help for cats.

Cats also have many issues that we see across species, including cruciate ligament ruptures, patella luxation, hip dysplasia as well as the biggest issue: osteoarthritis. 

In the last 10 years, rates of osteoarthritis in cats have gone up by 150%!

In our feline physiotherapy sessions, I will start off talking with you about your cats' case history and the diagnosis that the vet has given to you, and then I will assess your cat standing still and walking. 

The way I assess cats is similar to that in dogs, yet for security, I will do all assessments inside, unlike dogs who can walk on their leads. 

I will then come up with a unique treatment plan for your cat and discuss this with you to make sure you are happy with my decisions. 

I will work closely with your vets and other paraprofessionals, ensuring the best outcome for your cat. 

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