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Manual therapy will consist of a variety of massage, stretches and passive range of movements. 

Massage has been shown to aid in relaxation, increase the movement of lymphatic fluid and blood throughout the body. When petrissage, a type of massage, is used with pressure, it can cause a stretch in deeper underlying tissues, increasing flexibility and length of tissues. It can also help to reduce pain levels in the muscles. Massage also helps with reducing over-toned muscles, aiding recovery. 

Stretching can aid in the lengthening of the muscles, helping with mobility and aiding recovery in tissues. This can help improve the range of movement in the joints. Different stretches, such as baited stretches can also be used to help core stability. 

When carrying out passive range of movements with the animal the joint is taken through the natural range of movement, which helps manage the muscle and scar tissue balance in some cases. Passive range of movement also helps to create fluid within the joints, making sure osteoarthritic joints are lubricated. 

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